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Meet the Makers

5 Eye Studio

After working in the gift and stationery world for almost a decade, Maria Filar started 5 Eye studio to really explore subjects that were important to her without the limitations of representing a corporate brand.By pairing bright colors and quirky hand lettering with deeper themes of mental health, self-care, and sociopolitical issues, Maria hope her work inspires others and brings comfort to those feeling like they’re alone in their struggles.

A Shop of Things

A Shop of Things is run by Mia Calotta in Nashville, Tennessee. Edgy, sassy, empowering and adorable, my goal is to take your every day household object and make it cuter!

Becca Gore

Becca Gore is an artist who runs Drawn Goods and Art School Hero. In her fine art practice she works with paint, ceramics, wood, and plaster to explore family culture and humor.

The Card Bureau

The Card Bureau is a Washington DC design company founded in 2016. We got our start in the Capitol Hill neighborhood selling DC-themed greeting cards in local bookshops. Since then, we've expanded to offer more products in more stores across the country. The ideas behind our greeting cards and gift items are inspired by politics, feminism, and current events.

Cecilia East/West

I design & create everything for CECILIA EAST/WEST in my ceramic studio in Brookline, MA. The root of my business is a love for handbuilding and being able to create pieces that feel individual, organic, playful and beautiful. I am inspired greatly by flowers, plants, feelings, color, the outdoors, and people. One of my favorite parts of having my own creative small business is the ability to create items that people love to use and see everyday.

Celina Coppetti

Celina Coppetti is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Portland, Oregon who is passionate about all things food, travel, and living a life of leisure. Her hand-drawn illustration style is full of colors and energy that capture a world of food and recipes, biker babes, and lush, overgrown gardens.

Cheese Pudding Press

Hi my name is Chelsea, but you can call me Cheese! Based out of beautiful Southern Oregon I graduated from SOU in 2015. After creating The Dick Coloring Book I became a self-published author and launched Cheese Pudding Press in 2017. I now have four adult coloring books, and happily spend my days drawing, hiking, playing video games and DnD.

Dot Cup

Dot is a one-for-one menstrual cup empowering a woman in need with every purchase.

Drawn Goods

Drawn Goods is an illustration studio run by artist Becca Gore in Chicago, Illinois Each work is first drawn or painted by Becca in her studio before finding its final home as a greeting card, print, or other fun tchotchke. ​ Most often inspired by adventures in carbo-loading, our work features many a donut, croissant, and of course the bagel. But whatever the subject matter Drawn Goods is really just all about sharing joy through playful imagery.

Freckle Fuchsia

Freckled Fuchsia was founded by Chandlyr Jackson at the intersection of playful creativity, and contemporary design in Portland, Maine. Her love for the design process, vibrant colors, lively patterns, and tactile printmaking techniques has led her to create products and inspire others through the lens of block printing and pattern design. Her collection consists of products for the home and lifestyle, including tea towels, art prints, enamel pins and stickers.

Gina Rios Jewelry

Gina Rios designs and hand makes fine jewelry in Portland, Oregon.

Goldteeth Brooklyn

Jesse Levison has been a printmaker for 13+ years. Her cards, jewelry and objects, which render archetypal forms through vibrant, playful design, bring a renewed sense of wonder and recognition to the everyday. Gold Teeth Brooklyn’s allegiance to the accessibility of artful design is articulated through its thoughtful palettes, cotton rag paper, and small batch runs.

Good Postage

Good Postage is an independent paper goods company founded by Jane & Karen Manfredi in Charlotte, North Carolina. We strive to bring unique hand-drawn art and love to our customers while carefully choosing beautiful recycled papers and print locally in Charlotte. We use minimal packaging that is made from recycled material and intended to be easily composted or recycled.


As sensitive humans, the world can be an unforgiving place. Iejvxr is a simple reflection of hope; with the intention to make you feel good and share a sense of optimism. I hope my creations bring you extra sunshine to your day as it does for me.

Love, Emma Ceramics

Love, Emma Ceramics opened its doors in Denver, Colorado in 2017.  Ever since I have been making fun functional pottery that connects to my love of teeth (my trademark design) and to my love of making. I enjoy making things with my hands and really enjoy being able to share my passion for fun design and easy use with others.

Mammoth & Minnow

Mammoth & Minnow is a ceramic art and home goods brand offering handmade small-batch and one of a kind pieces. Using organic shapes and natural tones, M&m ceramics are made to be pleasing to hold, beautiful in the home, and useful in daily life. All items are designed and handmade by Mary Lee in New York City.

Palate Polish

​Palate Polish is a small batch 10-free and Vegan nail polish line with food inspired names. Made in Portland, Oregon

The Paper Curator

The Paper Curator offers bold, colorful, artisanal goods for every occasion. Handmade in Queens, NY, each piece is developed using traditional methods like watercolor and acrylic painting, brush lettering, marbling, and embroidery before being lovingly digitized into their final product form.

Snow Made

Designed and produced in Portland, OR, our products are often witty, sometimes heartfelt and occasionally offensive. We utilize hand drawn illustration and text along with a laser cutter to create thoughtful keepsakes that serve as everyday reminders that we are all human, and we all need to stay connected. Our products make you feel good, remind you that you are loved, and that everything is (probably) going to be fine.

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Home-cooked greeting cards by Marie Castiglione in Buffalo, NY
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